Hello there!
I'm Lundy Orlando Tjandra. Currently live and develops software remotely in Surakarta, Indonesia.

I've always liked computer ever since I was a kid. Wrote my first pascal program in elementary school using old compaq PC that needs to be turned off manually by the big red toggle switch each time you want to shut it down. Wasted a lot of time playing Counter Strike 1.5, Warcraft III, AoE II, with 56k modem and learning English at the same time.

I studied Computer Engineering at Satya Wacana Christian University, focusing heavily on embedded system from AVRs to ARMs. Graduated with undergrad thesis "Electronic road pricing system prototype" published in IEEE Xplore®.

While studying for my undergrad, I spent countless hours of reading books, wikipedia and internet articles about aviation, space, World Wars and how it shaped today's technology in my free time. From analog computer with vacuum tubes, radars, jet propulsion, rockets to the internet. As I learn more and more my interest in defense grew too that I started working as a journal editor at Lembaga KERIS that publishes paper focusing on national defense. Aside from binge reading random stuff, I also hike and enjoy outdoor activities a lot.

Used to work in Jakarta, developing banking and point of sales applications. From vending machine equipped with RS-232 magstripe to MIFARE smart cards to modern web application utilising WebSockets in the form of SignalR for real time monitoring performance.

Now, I'm working remotely in a small town in Central Java called Surakarta better known as Solo.